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A Complete Guide to Google My Business

If you’re a small business owner looking to generate leads online, you need to have accurate information about your services on Google.

Google My Business can add an extra edge to your business profile.

Read this article to know more about how you can make full use of this tool and garner attention.

What is Google My Business?

Earlier known as Google Local and Google Places, Google My Business is a platform containing business listings and details about their operations, reviews, location, etc.

A Google My Business account will grant your company visibility towards people who are looking for services you offer. By updating all information about your business profile online, you can engage with existing and potential clients.

Google My Business Can Make A Difference to Your Business

Here are a few reasons why owning a Google My Business account would be beneficial for your listing:

Boost’s sales

Google My Business is designed in such a way that it creates several avenues for your listing to get attention from customers. Using the features and the analytics of this tool, you can convert leads into sales quite easily.

Builds Customer Trust

Your business gains credibility through its online presence. According to a study, your customers are twice as likely to engage with your listing if all the information has been filled.

Earning your customers' trust is paramount, and they are 29% more likely to purchase from your store.

Collects Valuable Customer Feedback

If you don't get ahead of the reviews from customers, potential customers may be forced to rely on sites like Yelp to understand your services. This could jeopardize your listing. So, encourage reviews on your listing directly and respond to interact with your customers. Establish a relationship of trust.

Provides Insights

You can understand how your business is performing by accessing insights on the Google My Business dashboard. Using the Analytics tab, you can find out how your customers landed on your listing, your audience behaviour, and your performance against your competitors.

Improves Local SEO

Google has an algorithm to rank business profiles, just like it does for websites and advertisements. Google My Business improves your discoverability by incorporating the most searched words corresponding to your business. This boosts your ranking and expands your reach.

Start a Google My Business Account

Here’s how you can create your Google My Business profile:

1. Sign into Google My Business with your business email domain using a pre-existing account or a new one.

2. Enter your business name into the empty slot. In case your business doesn’t show on the drop-down menu, you can add it manually. Continue with selecting the category your business belongs to.

3. If you own a physical store, add your location and position the marker of your store’s location on the map. If your operation is service oriented or only offers delivery, you can simply list your service area.

4. Add your website address or Facebook page, and business contact number so your customers can access you.

5. Click “Finish”. If you’d like to receive notifications and updates, you can check “Yes” on the page as well.

Your Google Business Account has now been successfully created! Right after creating your account, you’ll need to verify your business. Here’s how you do it:

1. Sign into your Google My Business Account.

2. Pick your listing and click “Verify”.

3. You can verify your account through Postcard by Mail, or phone and email if your business is eligible for it. Enter your details and submit your form.

Remember, it can take anytime between three business days to two weeks for your postcard to reach your address.

4. Once you receive your postcard, sign into your account again and click on “Verify Location”. Enter in the five-digit verification code mentioned on your postcard on the page.

We recommend downloading the application so you can track your listing easily. Your business listing will show up on Google after a few weeks.

Optimize Your Google My Business Account

Now that you have a Google My Business account, don’t forget to optimize it for maximum utility. Here are a few top tips on how to do so.

1. Encourage Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Reviews improve your Google ranking and can sway potential customers in your favour. You could garner reviews by your own methods, or even make use of the free marketing kit provided to businesses by Google.

Make sure you respond to these reviews as well!

2. Include Photos of Your Services, Location, Products, etc.

Google concurs that businesses with photos acquire more customer engagement - either by seeking direction to your store, or landing on your website.

3. Never Skip Details

Fill in the details of everything requested to gain ultimate visibility. Using the right keywords can make sure your services turn up on the searches of prospective clients in the area.

4. Focus on Your USP

Add in special features and attributes which you offer for each category of business. You can choose up to 10 categories for your listing. Use Info > Add Attributes > Edit (choose category) > Apply.

These attributes could include displaying your ratings, amenities, booking links, product catalogues, etc.

5. Keep Up to Date

Make sure you constantly update your address, contact information, working hours, and other details. You can also advertise upcoming events and offers by creating posts.

This would prompt potential clients to visit the physical/ online store and generate revenue.

Wrapping It Up

Owning a Google My Business Account is one of the best ways you can freely promote your business online. Appearing on the first page of results whenever your services are searched for will definitely help you boost your business.

Go ahead and set up your Google My Business account today.

At Loyent, we go against hidden fees and contracts. To learn more about how we can help you grow your small business, connect with one of our payment advisors.We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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