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Clover's Virtual Terminal

Perhaps you're looking for a payment processing option, or you're simply curious about the current improvements in the payment space. Regardless of how you stumbled on virtual terminals, payment options might sound complex. However, our simple guide breaks it down to basics.

A virtual terminal is simply a solution that converts a computer into a payment-processing device as long as there's internet access. Merchants can use a terminal to process transactions after collecting customers' information by mail, over the phone, or in person.

Since these terminals process payments by inputting customer data online, a successful transaction can still take place in the absence of a customer and his card. Specifically, this guide offers insight into Clover's virtual terminal and how it works.

What is Clover's Virtual Terminal?

This solution is accessible to anybody who owns a Clover account. It allows merchants to accept over-the-phone payments and accepts direct credit card payments on a tablet, computer, or smartphone. The solution can also handle incoming payments: mail orders, in-store orders, or invoices.

The virtual terminal permits you to accept credit card payments using your computer. The terminal functions as your account management app and permits you to view gateway processing reports, manage users, and edit fraud settings.

Clover's virtual terminal further permits an unrestricted number of users simultaneously. The product is ideal for phone or mail order businesses. Clover's virtual terminal offers the convenience and flexibility of processing payments and refunds from whichever location.

The option is great when you have to process a transaction without the need to use a physical terminal. A great instance is when you need to process a transaction, but don't have the terminal with you.

With Clover's virtual terminal, merchants can enjoy secure processing without using any hardware while businesses can reach new audiences.

How Does it Work?

Clover's virtual terminal comes preloaded on your dashboard, so you simply have to log in to take or request payments.

The terminal works in tandem with your Clover device through cloud syncing to keep operations running efficiently and smoothly, ensuring you don't miss a sale. It also works by syncing your inventory automatically with your online presence.

Although you might only require the terminal to accept one-time payments, it's possible to set up recurring billing. For instance, if you run a lawn care business, which operates weekly, you can initiate a client payment schedule within the terminal.

Features of Clover's Virtual Terminal

Invoice Lite

This feature allows you to send invoices easily via email. The invoice setup occurs instantly, allowing a client to make his or her payment. Clients and merchants can confidently transfer funds using Clover's invoicing.

This feature also comprises online reporting and tracking. This eradicates the need to fill out invoices manually regularly. Eliminating paperwork implies that there's no likelihood of invoice misplacement.


Essentially, these safety checks are for merchants. The approval comes from the card issuer to the payment processor and verifies whether the cardholder has adequate funds to cover the transaction cost. This is significant for big-ticket items that allow advance billing, for instance, hotel stay.

It allows merchants to protect themselves against chargebacks and needless refunds. Refund avoidance is crucial for merchants since costs exist with refund processing. It's equally beneficial that merchants can block transaction funds temporarily to validate them.

Card on File

This feature allows you to save cardholder information to a profile. This saves you and a customer from the inconvenience of paying numerous times. By storing information on a customer's card safely, you eradicate the inconvenience and risk of emails and phone calls.

In turn, customers receive an automatic notification once their card information is saved and they can remove it from the system. This feature enhances simplicity and efficiency.

How Clover’s Virtual Terminal Helps

You'll benefit in the following ways:

Accept Online Payments

You can access the terminal online from whichever device, making it incredibly convenient for accepting payments. You can accept payment from the Clover POS system as well as from your tablet or phone.

Data Security and Safety

When handling customers' financial data, you must sustain a high-security level on your system. Clover's terminal ensures compliance with payment card industry standards. With end-to-end encryption on transactions, customers are confident of secure data and it protects against fraud with card verification value and verification service.


Clover's virtual terminal offers a range of benefits for businesses receiving numerous income streams. If you have security concerns when it comes to performing transactions, perhaps it's time you considered Clover's virtual terminal.

At Loyent, we go against hidden fees and contracts. To learn more about how we can help you grow your small business, connect with one of our payment advisors. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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