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Contactless Payments

Even before the pandemic, contactless payments had started revolutionizing a new and more innovative payment system.

But thanks to COVID, the implementation and adoption accelerated the entire process. Today, contactless payment is part of the new normal as it gets the business done without the risk of transmitting any viruses.

If you are not part of this global change yet, you need to catch up.

Here’s a quick guide to help you learn about contactless payments.

What are Contactless Payments?

This payment methodology deviates from the standard "cash or card" option, where you need to have some physical interaction with a vendor or supplier. As a result, contactless payments are often called the "tap-and-go" system or the "tap system."

It is a secure and safer way to purchase any product and even services using your credit, debit, smartcard, or any payment device through the powerful combination of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC).

How Do Contactless Payments Work?

By simply tapping your payment card near a POS terminal that is also integrated with contactless payment technology, you can process and settle your payments. That’s right. No further action is required from you aside from tapping your card. You don’t even have to enter your PIN.

For newbies, here is a more comprehensive explanation of how it works. When your seller’s system asks you to pay, you have to bring your card close to their contactless payment terminal or simply tap against it.

With this single action, your information is electronically submitted to the bank. All this is made possible by the single chip in your card.

Once the system acknowledges the tap by a beep, a checkmark, or a green light, you will proceed to the approval stage.

There are other ways to make a contactless payment. With the rise and steady dependability of people on their smart gadgets, you can link your card to your phone, smartwatch, and even your fitness tracker.

By downloading an app like Apple Pay, you can tap your iPhone or iWatch and follow the same principle of tapping a card.

What are the Benefits of Contactless Payments?

If you are not 100% convinced and confident of getting into this marketing trend, here are some reasons that can help you understand why contactless payments are the better payment processing option.

  • Impressive Speed

At most, payment transactions can be completed within 15 seconds in contactless payments. There is no need to take your card from your wallet, repeatedly swipe your card, enter your PIN, and do it again. With contactless payments, shorter queue time can be expected at counters.

  • Upgraded Security

Fraudsters have earned their degree when it comes to stealing and cloning your information via your credit card's magnetic strips. Contactless payments eliminate these risks because of their upgraded security.

Note that the information exchange via contactless payments is always encrypted, so stealing is almost impossible. This is a massive plus for you and the merchant.

  • Payment Versatility

As a merchant, you provide your consumers additional payment options, which can be a win for you. After all, by not limiting payments to cash or card, your more tech-savvy clients can use their chip cards, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Is Contactless Payment for You?

One of the common holdups when shopping will always be the checkout and payment.

If you are like most shoppers who want a quicker and safer method of settling your purchases, then yes, contactless payment is ideal for you.

Contactless payment is the way forward to reduce the potential risks of paying for products and services via cash or card. This method gets the job done with you feeling secured in every transaction.


Contactless payment is the new norm and is a step toward becoming completely cashless – a reality that can happen sooner than expected.

So far, this payment method is proven to be easier, faster, more convenient, and safer than the traditional way of paying for goods and services. Now, more than ever, this is the future of trade payments.

To learn how our payment solutions can help you run your business more efficiently, schedule a free consultation with our merchant services team today.


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