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Why Clover Flex Is the Best Terminal Out There

Business owners have much to benefit from point-of-sale terminals. Good POS systems speed up the checkout process which can lead to an increase in sales. They can also provide valuable real-time sales data, help manage inventory, and automate manual tasks.

What are point-of-sale terminals? Point-of-sale or POS terminals refer to the equipment that processes card payments at retail outlets. POS terminals are handheld and accept payments from different payment networks (e.g., Visa and Mastercard). Newer POS terminals can accommodate contactless payments which include tap-and-go technology and mobile payments.

If you're looking for a POS terminal that enhances business management and growth while adding efficiencies to your checkout process, consider Clover Flex POS terminals. Here’s why:

Enhanced Security

Nowadays, there's more to worry about aside from shoplifting. Businesses must contend with cybercriminals and hackers. A common way for criminals to steal from customers and businesses is by stealing credit card details after payments have taken place.

Clover Flex prevents this since its card readers feature built-in encryption that complies with new security standards. Without the required security credentials, it's almost impossible to access customers' credit card details.

Access to Real-Time Data

Using a Clover Flex system gives you access to data reporting tools. You can analyze and record relevant statistics while gaining insight into products, sales, and customer trends. It allows you to be more informed about business performance so you can quickly adapt and implement adjustments.

Integration with Multiple and Diverse Apps

Clover Flex’s POS terminals go beyond payment processing. Investing in this POS system grants you access to the App Market which gives you access to many types of software that can be easily integrated with Clover Flex.

Compatible apps allow you to address a wide range of business needs such as:

● Customer management and incentives

● Fundraising

● E-signatures

● Cash management

● Invoicing

● Online selling

● Inventory organization

● Employee management

● Business analytics

● Productivity tools

You can schedule shifts, manage employees, examine inventory, develop a mailing list, solicit feedback from customers, and many more.

Automated Business Processes

Clover Flex POS can help with business operations. Simple and intuitive, the system offers functionality that allows business proprietors to automate employee schedules, payroll, and track sales.

By merging data analysis with POS terminals, the system enables businesses to produce and track real-time data with comprehensive sales reports and a dashboard. Furthermore, it empowers businesses to track metrics easily and quickly through readable graphs and charts. Businesses can also monitor their cash flow and nip monetary problems in the bud.

Measures Product Performance

Clover Flex’s system helps businesses effectively market the right services and goods by recognizing best-selling products. Consequently, businesses can identify loyal customers and create customized offers and loyalty programs.

The system also allows you to gauge competitors in the area and leverage local trends that can drive foot traffic.

Compatibility With Other Devices

Clover Flex’s system provides integration with products offered by the company without compatibility issues that have been known to happen with systems from other vendors. Clover Flex’s POS systems including the Clover Mini, a smaller version of their terminal, can quickly and easily accept payments from debit and credit cards.

All-in-One Solution

Clover Flex comes with everything you’ll need: hardware, software, and payment processing capabilities. You can even use the system without a tablet or smartphone.

Top-Notch Hardware

The company’s hardware combines ease of functionality and excellent speed. Furthermore, you can set it up for various business purposes such as retail outlets, restaurants, and services.

Employee Scheduling

The system doesn't just schedule employees. It can clock personnel in and out. You can use the system to gauge employee performance and incentivize staff with top employee rewards. Tailored user permissions also allow companies to manage employee access to different system functions.

Customer Support and Service

The ability to talk to a support representative at a moment’s notice is crucial. This is why Clover Flex provides 24/7 phone support, a huge plus for businesses that operate round the clock.

Clover support can assist you with basic setup and troubleshooting. You can access support resources from the Clover device by simply locating the Help app.

The company provides their email and phone number on the screen, so you won't need to scramble for information on how to reach them. You can even download guides and watch support videos on your device.

Experience the Clover Flex Difference

There are numerous options for POS systems. However, few POS solutions offer the same level of compatibility, range, flexibility, simplicity, and customer support that Clover Flex point-of-sales terminals do.

At Loyent, we go against hidden fees and contracts. Connect with one of our Payment Advisors today to learn more about what Clover Flex can do for you and your business. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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